Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Looking for another great gift idea?
The Insulated Lunch Bag by So Sew Easy is a great little pattern that is perfect for depleting your  small fabric scraps.
 I did not insulate mine though, instead I used heavy weight drapery fabric both for the lining and the exterior and it turned out just fine. 
The bias binding on the bag can be store bought or you can make your own. (I made mine :) )
The pattern comes with one pattern piece and the rest of the bag parts are cut from specifications provided in the pattern. But because I I love my pattern pieces,  I quickly drew up my squares so I can have them to use over and over again, because I do plan on making more!
The bag comes with written instructions as well as a full length video on how to make the bag, great for persons who love to watch and sew!
Check out the other tester bags on the So Sew Easy site and learn more about the pattern here.
Happy Sewing!


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Trudy's Twirl Dress by Grammies Doll

Check out the pattern in Theresa's GrammieslilDolls Etsy Shop.



I got super jealous when I made  socks for my nephew a few weeks ago using the  Abby's Trailblazing Sock Pattern .
So it was definitely a happy socks moment  when Saskia opened up a tester call for the adult version and I was chosen to test again.
Now if you want a sewing project that takes 20 minutes (or less)  ,  uses fabric knit scraps  (a 24” x 15”    made my size 9 crew sock) , looks super cute, and  can be made for the entire family, you’ve got to get both the Abby's Trailblazing Sock Pattern  and the Adult version - Going Rouge Socks PDF Pattern designed by the The Wolf and the Tree
They make great Christmas gifts and who does not want to have unique socks to keep your feet warm and comfy. So guess what?? - buy the patterns and #sewallthesocks!!

Saturday, 14 November 2015


Who knew that making socks could be so easy !
 I was happy to have been chosen as a tester for the Abby’s TrailBlazing Socks designed by The Wolf and the Tree. These socks are perfect for knit scraps and easy to sew. They can be made for both boys and girls and there are lots of different lengths and styles. My version was the simple bobby socks because only my little nephew was on hand to test for and I live in a Tropical climate so I have no need for all the other gorgeous designs. However, the sock comes in so many different styles that you will  never need any other sock pattern for your kiddo as long as you have this one. Go over to her   Etsy store  and get the socks! 
Then join the  Facebook page  and check out what everyone else has to say about this pattern and post the numerous pairs you have made!
Happy Sewing!!