Sunday, 29 June 2014


I must have been inspired by a dress I saw somewhere on the internet, but I cannot remember what triggered this design.
This is another  dress I sewed up without guidance of a tutorial or pattern. That says I am getting better at my craft (smile).
I made this dress out of a 1/2 yard of red dacron & cotton and a 9"Wide x 58"Long strip of  polyster.
This fabric was just enough for a size 3T. The chest came out at 22" and the length about 19inches.

OK. This is an update - My niece came over (today July 8 2014) , and even though my red dress had not yet gotten its buttons, I had to let her try to on to see how it fits. She is actually 4 years old, but a skinny one, so her it is:


I love this wonderful tutorial of  An Easter Sunday Dress by Schwin & Schwin .  It was an easy sew. I used medium weight cotton for the dress, pongee lining and a white polyster for the front sash and bow.

Here is my version.


Sewing is such a rewarding craft. You never know what you will get when you pick up a fabric and make something out of it. I have been staring at this yellow chiffon for months - having no idea what to do with it. I was so tired of seeing it I decided I must try something.
So I thought, what could I make with a flowy fabric? A bubble dress of course!

I totally winged this one and was so sure it would not go well because 1)  I had slippery fabric, and 2) it was late and I was tired but not sleepy.

My only regret is that I used purple elastic to make the bubble and it kinda darkens the hem of the dress. I lined the dress with yellow pongee. 

I made this in a size 3T using my old favourite bodice pattern:

UPDATE : JULY 12 2014 - here is my niece trying on the dress for me. She is actually a 4T but a skinny one. As you can see the dress is a bit snug (and short)  because of the size difference but it still fits.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I used Aline Tutorial by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom  and made this dress. The changes I made is that only the top is lined to make sure the armhole and necklines appear smooth and clean, and , I used a zip instead of buttons.
 I tried to make two pockets but one turned out smaller than the other. Since I had no fabric left, here is the final result.

Pop POP Preppy Top - a wonderful free pattern

I fell in love with the POP POP PREPPY TOP  pattern the first time I saw it. Had to make it, and I did. I will be making it soon and several more times. I used cotton for the body and silk polyster for the ruffle. It turned out great.

Puff Sleeve Toddler Dress with Free Sewing Pattern BY The Stitching Scientist

I used this tutorial  to make this dress - even had the colour down to a dead match.


Perfect little dress. That is all I can say. Here it is  - twice!
And, you can make it from The Good Deeds dress official blogsite.

My secret model

Please ignore the pins, I was trying to figure out if the dress looked old fashioned with the floral petals.


OK. Here is another dress I made using one of my favourite free patterns , with a modified armhole.
This time I was trying to make an inset band . It was successful.

To get the waist inset. Follow


Three step to fashion:

Using any free aline pattern you can find on line, it is easy to make the following dress. Frills and Flares  
has three free sizes available on her blog.

Using any Fabric yoyo tutorial on line (try this one by Patchwork Posse)

The beads are from an old bracelet that was desecrated by my nephew (and I am still finding balls all over the house).

OK. So sew the aline dress as described in tutorial on Frills and Flares blog (you make skip the button part and do one small button at the top .
Handsew the bead in the middle of the yo-yo , sew yo-yo to dress in any style you want. Done!


When I started sewing in 2012 I had two go to patterns . This one I am blogging about now and The Little Dress by Pat Bravo. I found them so easy because my old sewing machine had neither a zipper nor a button hole foot (what a crime!) and I did not know how to put in either of them anyway.
So, I found it easy to use The Child Summer Frock Free Pattern on Burdastyle (also can be found elsewhere on the internet). As I started to get "better" at sewing, I started to make loop hole buttonholes (as shown on the orange dress) 
This dress was a little challenging with the hidden lined seam but if I can overcome it, then anybody can. Here are the final products:

Back View

Front View - The dress bodice is cotton and the skirt is polyster silk. It has a bow and sash


This dress was made using this pattern and it is an easy sew. I did not use an invisible zip so please add an extra 1/2 inch to the back to accomodate the regular zip.
To get the two tone bodice just cut your pattern in half and add back 1/2 " seam allowance to both halves. Sew them together and follow the nicely detailed tutorial as written.

I also used the same pattern to make this dress only this time was a sash. It needs ironing (lol)!


I love this little pattern and I am more in love with the fabric.  This tutorial will give you the dress you see below. I havent added the buttons yet as my sewing machine can't at this moment - but u get the picture. I made this dress with barely a 1/2 yard. The fabric was so small that I had to line the bottom of the collar in white.
The fabric is some type of polyster silk with gold sequined flowers.


 The Little Dress by Pat Bravo is a free pattern and tutorial. It is  the super easiest dress for ANY  new beginner. When I found this pattern, it  took me four hours to put this dress together (seriously, really). I was new to sewing without a teacher , I could barely cut a straight line. Anyways after making this one and this one,and this one....

I felt I could conquer the world.
Since then I have called it my "comfort pattern".
Whenever my sewing projects went awry, I would turn to The Little Dress - it never failed. My last creation using this pattern is the blue dress below. I still use the pattern but I have started added buttonholes to the back ( haven't I grown up!), and  a curved armhole. . If you are new to sewing, this a great starter project. Good luck!

Just another colour of the same dress - you can tell I love sewing these.