Sunday, 31 March 2013

My first project : DIY MUG RUG (made in June 2012)

Project Make Date : June 2012
This was the first project I sewed when I decided to take up sewing as a hobby. They were UGLY mug rugs . I got the tutorial from Crafty Gemini.  And I must apologise for not doing her tutorial any justice. However I was new at sewing.

Lessons learnt from this exercise:
- Don’t take on too much when you are just learning to sew. I wanted to do everything at once and I couldn’t even sew a straight line as you can clearly see in the picture.
- I was always in a hurry to see what my final product would look like and so I would rush into it only to be frustrated or have to pull out my newly bought seam ripper.
I couldn’t cut straight, I couldn’t sew straight, and I later realized it came with practice. Yes PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
My second attempt also made in June 2012 wasn’t so bad but still a little shaky. I was a little careful this time.
See the frayed edges at the bottom because I did not think I need to pin anything! Pinning was for people with poor judgement. Well……I take that back!