Thursday, 18 April 2013


I needed a container to hold my pins when I travel. So I thought, what would prevent my pins from being bent, hold my seam ripper and sewing needles.

 I came up with this - 

I don’t have step by step pictures, but it is fairly easy.

What you will need:

-An old butter dish
- A pre-purchased pin cushion - OR NOT !! .
- A magnet ( I got mine from an old button used during a work sales event. (see picture of it at end of tutorial ) It’s a bit rusty but hey – it still works!
- Scrap piece of fabric to wrap the butter dish
- A glue gun to attach the fabric and the magnet to the butter dish

Steps to Success:
  1. Measure and glue fabric to the outside of the dish as well as on top of the cover. I did not bother to cover the inside of this dish but you can if you wish.
  2. Glue the magnet inside the dish close to the side of the container to ensure you have enough space to attach your pin cushion.
  3. You can either make or buy a pin cushion. I made mine using steel wool scouring pad, batting , a strong cord and fabric. Be creative it wont be moved for anyone to see and criticise it anyway! If you are clueless how to make one, there are numerous tutorials out there.
  4. Add glue to the bottom of the pincushion and stick it to the bottom of the butter dish beside the magnet..
  5. Insert your pins, and add your needles and seam ripper to the magnet
  6. Ta Da! Done. Took me 30 minutes because I had no idea what I was doing.
Happy crafting!

Picture of my magnet (eeeew):

My gorgeous container with lid ( ignore the frayed edges I have not yet invested in a fray stopper):


Materials used:

-          foam board (mine is 8 x 8 inches)
-          Glue ( I used shoemaker glue because that was all I had)
-          Fabric scrap : 
*TOP FABRIC cut 10 x 10 inches  (ensure it is not too white because depending on the type of mouse you have it may not be able to “read on the white fabric and also you don’t want something that will get dirty too quickly. 
* For your  BOTTOM FABRIC cut 9 x 9 inches
-          Wadding (cut 9 x 9 inches)

Steps to Success:
  1. Cut your wadding just about 1/2 inch bigger than your foam board
  2. Squirt or paint glue onto your foam board
  3. Stick wadding on top of foam board
  4. Wrap TOP FABRIC around foam board and keep in place with large paper clips or something to hold it down while you glue around the edges.
  5. Apply glue to the edges of the BOTTOM FABRIC and carefully glue in place on the bottom of the mouse pad -  make it neat
  6. Done!