Wednesday, 18 June 2014


 The Little Dress by Pat Bravo is a free pattern and tutorial. It is  the super easiest dress for ANY  new beginner. When I found this pattern, it  took me four hours to put this dress together (seriously, really). I was new to sewing without a teacher , I could barely cut a straight line. Anyways after making this one and this one,and this one....

I felt I could conquer the world.
Since then I have called it my "comfort pattern".
Whenever my sewing projects went awry, I would turn to The Little Dress - it never failed. My last creation using this pattern is the blue dress below. I still use the pattern but I have started added buttonholes to the back ( haven't I grown up!), and  a curved armhole. . If you are new to sewing, this a great starter project. Good luck!

Just another colour of the same dress - you can tell I love sewing these.

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