Thursday, 6 June 2013


 I have been busy making many skirts. Here are a few:  SKIRT MANIA

These are my first set of children's clothes I have made and whilst they may not be perfect I am proud of them. Thankfully my niece gave me a few minutes to model them for me.

It is good practise for a beginner sewist to start with simple skirts. There are tonnes of them on the internet, so just pic your choice. I especially liked  A SIMPLE SKIRT by MADE.

First up is a royal blue matte linen skirt with a floral polyster trim. The ribbon at the waist is a faux / fake drawstring, but helps the child to determine where is the front and back. This is a size 3T.

This elastic waist skirt is made from matte linen, with a polyester trim.

I also made a grey coloured skirt from matte linen as well. I made an exposed elastic waist and my first applique flower held on by a button. The edge of the skirt was serged but I think I will hem it up.  This skirt is also a size 3T. For this skirt I chose The "Make it and Love It" tutorial

Next I made another skirt out of the grey matte linen with a fabric flower held on by a button.

Next, I made a floral skirt - same thing different fabric:

The above skirt is a simple one with an elastic waist. I also added a piece of lace to the bottom as frill. This is the same fabric (matte linen in grey) 

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  1. Wish I could help you on the Ruffler thing. Mine has no instructions. Gather two pieces together is possible if you stitch them together first. Won't work otherwise. I have set my ruffle to 2/3 gathers by trial and error. I'll kill anyone who touches that knob! :) Not sure HOW it all really works. Just know it does.

    Happy Sewing~ Rebecca @A Gathering Place