My first painting pieces – I had no idea what I was doing. All I know is I have some left over paint and I needed to dispose of it.. The camera is being very forgiving because when seen in true life it is really even more horrible! But I don’t mind airing my horrible paintings in public because I know when I try again it will be better.

- I should have a plan in my head first of what I want to do. Especially since I am no Van Gogh.
- I now have a better handle of a paint brush, as using a paint brush is not the same as using a pencil for sure!

 I had used a board like this and house paint and I just did something.

These were my results:

Don't even bother asking what this is!

I was trying to follow this technique Cherry Blossom art

This one was done with a cardboard stencil I made.

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